Look into our gems, learn their history, understand how they empower those whose hands have uncovered them from the earth, and you will know their beauty.

Meet the Sellers

Where your gemstone comes from, matters.

And it’s not just about geography it’s about community. It’s important to verify the source of your gemstones, because when you purchase a gem, you become linked to a gemstone mining community.


Food Drives and Face Masks

According to the The United Nations World Food Program that as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the number of people facing food crisis could double — to 260 million worldwide. Virtu Gem was founded to help those in our jewelry supply chain.

Custom Cut Gems

Design jewelry like you never have before! Purchase rough gems and work with our gem cutting partners to create custom cuts, now true jewelry creation is accessible to you. You are no longer limited to the offerings of calibrated and dissected gemstones that have been cut for quick sales. Welcome to jewelry design where your gemstone’s journey becomes what you want to talk about.

Know more about us

Virtu gem is not for profit initiative to sell sourced gems from artisanal miners to jewelers and help the mining community. Watch our story and initiatives in the video.